Raincheck Quilt – Complete!

Raincheck Quilt – Complete!

Friends, I’m making progress on my WIP pile. Hallelujah!  If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know I like the piecing way more than the quilting process, but I’m desperately trying to finish projects even though new ones keep calling my name. Does anyone else have that problem?  I really don’t know why it’s so hard for me, because I’m almost always happy with the finished project.

Last night (or really early this morning), I finished binding my Raincheck quilt that I made in June.  Where did the four months in-between go??

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

Eeek..I love those little umbrellas!

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

I had high hopes of doing something really creative with the quilting, but sometimes the ol’ stipple is just what a quilt needs.  Even though it’s a basic pattern, I love the texture it gives to a quilt.  Can’t you just tell how cuddly this quilt is?

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

I used matching thread for each block, and even added a little detail in the umbrella tops as I had seen on Camille’s version.  Love.

My hubby has been flying at night the past few weeks which has meant some long nights at home alone, which of course gets dedicated to quilting.  I was able to make the backing, baste and quilt Raincheck in one 8-9 hour period, finishing late into the night. I was working on the last block when Mike made it home – good timing!

My favorite part?  The striped binding!  The April Showers line has this great diagonal stripe print in its collection so you can cut straight grain binding that looks like bias strips without the extra work.  Win-Win!

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering


Einstein kept a close watch on my binding process.  Look at that snaggle tooth!

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

Of course, Einstein reported for his quilt inspecting duty today to make sure the finished quilt was up to par.

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

Even the red backing passed inspection. It was a great print for hiding all of my thread changes.

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering


I made four extra blocks with some leftover fabric for a mini quilt.  I tend to make an extra block or two when I start a quilt in order to work out any kinks, but this time I made four so that I could add some bright colors to my quilting room wall. So. Cute.

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering

Perfect pairing.  I should make mini versions of my quilts more often!

Raincheck Quilt made by Quiltineering


I hope you’ve all had a splendid weekend.  I spent the weekend quilting with two of my dear friends who are making some of their first few quilted projects.  I love to share my passion with friends and they definitely caught the quilting fever with a side of a charm pack addiction. Hopefully I can share their finished projects with you soon!



Pattern: Raincheck by Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms
Fabric: April Showers by Bonnie and Camille
Thread: Aurifil 50wt Cotton
Size: 56″ x 70″
  • Such a cute quilt!

  • You know, the stipple quilting looks like puddles of water and works really well with those cute umbrellas! The mini quilt is going to be so fun hanging in your sewing room! Congratulations on another finish and working through your WiP pile.

  • Beautiful quilt!! and lucky you to have a mini to match! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Seriously, if you leave this quilt unattended anywhere near me, it might go missing. 😉

  • Congratulations on the finish! I always feel so good when I finish something that I can hardly wait to quilt it. I love the quilted touch on the umbrellas and the stippling.

  • It’s beautiful Rachel – the stitching is so neat!! I love seeing different ideas and I haven’t seen a quilt like this before. Well done.

  • Great job on this quilt, and oh, that mini!! I’m going to steal your idea and make a matching mini of my favorite quilts. 🙂 The stippling is perfect for the quilt. Love it!

  • Liz

    This is a beautiful finish! I love the fabric selection, and think it really works well with the pattern. My favorite part is the quilted detail on the umbrellas, really makes them pop!

  • Lovely! Einstein did a great inspection job here!

  • This turned out so well! I think the stipple quilting is great, and I love the detail on your umbrellas. I also love the idea of making a few extra blocks and turning them into a mini quilt, it’s very cute!

  • This quilt makes me think of a Sesame Street song that we had on LP when I was a kid. Oscar sang ‘Let a frown be your umbrella’ but the real words of the original are ‘Let a smile be your umbrella’, and these pretty umbrellas make me smile.
    Yes, I have the same problem you describe.

  • This turned out fabulously, and the extra detail on the umbrella is so worth it! So glad it seems to have Einstein’s approval! 😉

  • Wow, that’s adorable!!

  • Gorgeous!

    I have the same problem with wanting to work on new things. I’m trying to be really strong and stick to my WiP list though! I find finishes to be really motivating; I just wish I had more motivation to make them finished to begin with…!

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