I’m going out of my comfort zone again, folks.  This time I’m working with a more traditional color and design pallet, from Minick and Simpson’s Polka-Dots and Paisleys collection.  You know what? It’s really lovely.

This is Faithful, the second quilt from Moda’s Frivol tins.
Frivols 2: Faithful

The reds, whites and blues work really well for this military family. I didn’t give those prints as much love as I should have!  They still won’t be my go-to fabric choice, but at least I won’t avoid them at all costs.

Einstein is trying to be a part of every quilt photo shoot…cutie.

Frivols 2: Faithful

The quilt finished at a tiny 26.5″ square post quilting so those little squares are pretty tiny.  Lots of cutting, stitching, ironing and trimming…

Frivols 2: Faithful

I used a red paisley from the collection for backing and a near solid for the binding, curtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop’s finishing kit.  Don’t you just love making small quilts and being able to finish them in a relatively short amount of time?!

Frivols 2: Faithful

I have to tell you how touched and thankful I am for your sweet comments on my Freedom Isn’t Free post.  We are so blessed by your support and kindness.

We enjoyed our two weeks of post-deployment free time, taking short day trips around our hometown and just spending time together (mostly eating – so much food…).

I’ll leave you with a few photos from our adventures.  Japan is an amazingly beautiful country.

Oirase Gorge

Oirase Gorge

Tanasashi Beach

  • Love your latest Frivol quilt. Not my go to colors either, but looks so great when I see quilts like this. The pattern and colors just complement each other. I was in Japan this summer and enjoyed every minute and every place we went. A truly lovely country.

  • I am so glad you had some wonderful R&R time together. The scenery you shared is beautiful.

    When I saw the thumbnail image for this post, I thought it was a striking, patriotic quilt or vibe. Lovely finish, will you be keeping this one?

  • A very “Happy” quilt. I love the pattern.

    It is wonderful to hear you had some quality time with your husband. Hope he will be back again with you soon safe and healthy. Thank you again for all the sacrifice military families like yours gives unselfishly. We are grateful everyday and will be honoring you and your husband on Wednesday. We will now have a green light in a window or outside to honor our vets and their families which we learned about green light a vet program.

  • Man, you owned those itty bitty pieces! They look fantastic!!! So glad y’all had some fun time together eating all the things. And your photography looks great!

  • Wonderful quilt, and those scenery pictures are gorgeous!

  • Beautiful quilt and gorgeous scenery. Glad you got some R&R time. Looks like you used it wisely.

  • Red, white and blue is my favorite combination! Thank you and your husband for the sacrifices you have made for our country.

  • These aren’t my color choices either, but I like the way they work together. This quilt is quite lovely and will make a great wall hanging. Your scenery pics are beautiful – you take great pictures! 🙂 So happy you got some R&R with your hubby!

  • Minick and Simpson are among my favourite ‘traditional’ fabric designers. They are classic but not in drab colours. I have a foot in both camps: I love bright and new, and a bit of old-fashion too.

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