Tokyo Quilt Festival 2016 – Part 1

Hello beautiful people 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a few of these pictures before, but I wanted to share some of my favorites from the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  We were able to time our trip to Thailand just right so that we could spend a day in Tokyo on our return journey just to attend the festival.

Since there were so many absolutely fabulous quilts, I’ve broken the pictures into two posts.  I have a lot to share with you!

This was my first time in Tokyo so I was happy when my husband and I were easily able to navigate a couple of trains to the festival with no problems.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 79

We couldn’t help but giggle about how much we stuck out.  I’m not particularly tall by American standards, but in Japan, I feel like a giant!  I took this picture at eye level while we were waiting to be let in.  Our height gave us the advantage of seeing the quilts a little more clearly than our neighbors. ha 🙂

Tokyo Quilt Festival 78

I had to snap a picture right as the chaos was beginning – look at all those quilts!

Tokyo Quilt Festival 77

As expected, most of the signs with the quilt and artist names were written in Japanese, so I’m going to have a difficult time sharing all their details.  In an effort to give these talented artists as much credit as possible, I took a picture of each photographed quilt’s sign and have posted it on my Flickr account.  If you’re talented enough to read kanji (jealous – I’m learning!), please visit my album HERE to read all the details about these works of art.

I have to start with one of my favorites! The neat part about not being able to read the signs of modern quilts is that I can make my own interpretation of what the quilt is representing.  For instance, I see jellyfish here, but the title actually translates to something like “A Fantasy of Water and Light.”  I really like the mix of modern design and the traditional log cabins in the background.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 76

These colors here are magnificent!  I’m always drawn to the bright and cheerful quilts.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 73

This one too! My friend tells me that this title translates to “Fireworks” which seems fitting! The colors also drew me in here as well. The straight lines quilting from the center of the explosion really added a neat element.  If I remember correctly, it was hand quilted.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 70

There were several quilts with a 3D element that I found intriguing.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 8

This snail quilt was the winner in the junior category . How fun!

Tokyo Quilt Festival 5

I really loved this log cabin bag – maybe I have a new love for traditional elements used in modern ways?

Tokyo Quilt Festival 3

Possibly, I’m just loving log cabins right now!  How cool is this modern take on the log cabin, called “Log Cabin 1.”

Tokyo Quilt Festival 11

I was drawn into the block that looked like a face.  That’s some impressive matchstick quilting too.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 9

This “Tumbling Blocks” quilt intrigued me, both for the design and construction.  The blocks looked pieced together but were appliquĂ©d to the background as one big piece.

Tokyo Quilt Festival 14

Nothing says bright and fun like yellow!

Tokyo Quilt Festival 16

I was so impressed by the construction on this quilt – isn’t it cool?!

Tokyo Quilt Festival 18

Look at that brilliant fussy cutting. Swoon!

Tokyo Quilt Festival 20

More log cabin fun – a sweet little “House of Sweets.”

Tokyo Quilt Festival 22

Hopefully you were able to “ooo and aww” like me .  I admit that I had expected to be impressed but the Tokyo Quilt Festival really blew me out of the water.  The quilts were amazingly designed and constructed and so full of impressive artistry. Part 2 coming soon!

  • Jackie

    Amazing quilts! The first and third were my favorites. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Thank you for a great virtual quilt show!

  • Thank you, thank you for sharing your adventure with us! Love, love the quilts!

  • Really cool to get to see these – thanks!

  • Rosemaryflower

    Yes!! These were excellent samples of your view of the festival. I loved these quilts. I was also instantly drawn to the face :-l
    Thank you for sharing this part of your adventure.

  • Thanks for sharing your photos! I used to live near Tokyo (when I did a year teaching English in Japan) but at that time had not been bitten by the quilt bug, so I completely missed out on this event! Ah well, it would be a great excuse to visit Japan again. 🙂

  • These are so gorgeous, creative and unique. I love so many of them it’s hard to choose a favorite. What an adventure you had, and you experienced so many things. Can’t wait for part 2.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • I am only a whisker over 5 foot 4, and I used to feel tall in Japan! (Like Heulwen, I wasn’t quilting then.)
    Such lovely quilts. I cannot believe hubby went to the show with you!
    I am strangely drawn to the yellow and black one. It is not my usual colours, but it looks so cheery!

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