Snapshots Quilt Top

Yay – I’ve finished up the top for the Snapshots Quilt Along Project!

Snapshots Quilt Top

I was initially worried about getting all of the blocks to fit nicely together since a few were a little bit smaller (~1/4″) than they were supposed to be.  I find that can happen when I piece sampler quilts where every block is different.  Thankfully, the three borders helped me work out those kinks.

I have found that its important to measure the sashing strips accurately so they are all exactly the same.  I have seen some quilters recommend just adding sashing the same size as each individual finished block.  i.e. Sewing on a longer sashing strip than needed and then trimming it to size. However, that can cause a challenge when putting the sashed blocks together and cause your quilt top to have some waves or warps.  I hope that little tidbit helps someone!

The team at the Fat Quarter Shop along with Bonnie and Camille designed an adorable pieced backing.  I’ve started cutting fabric for it and I can’t wait to put it all together!

  • Looks gorgeous!! I see what you mean about the blue boarders that surround the snapshot blocks. It looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing the back the you mentioned. How much paper piecing and how much regular piecing? I have a very hard time with paper piecing and don’t do it anymore – I’m dyslexic and it’s just too frustrating. I figured out a way that I can take something that is supposed to be paper pieced and make a template to hand applique it onto a quilt top.
    Again, beautiful job and I can’t wait for more. Are you enjoying the cherry blossoms?

  • What a lovely finish! I am glad it went together better than you thought.

  • It turned out great!!! And I am in total agreement about not adding excess sashing and then slashing it off to fit. 🙂 Glad it worked out!

  • I had fun with these blocks too. I wish I had made more as you have.
    You are right about sashing. I am not a fan of winging it either. Measure, measure, measure!