Quilting with Mom: Sombre Quilt

After a year and a half apart, my Mom made the long trip all the way to Japan!  What a blessing it was to have her here with me.Mom comes to Japan!

Mom and I kept busy traveling around Tokyo for a few days and then headed up to northern Japan where I live to spend the remainder of our time together. We kept super busy exploring the beauty of Japan and eating authentic food but also made time to quilt together.  I definitely got my love for crafting from Mom!

Mom picked out the Sombre Quilt kit from Craftsy and had it mailed to me in Japan. It’s a beautiful pattern but neither of us realized it would be templates – ugh!  Oh well, I got it all cut out and ready to go before Mom’s arrival.

Fabric Cutting

The colors really were lovely!

Color Wheel

As always, I like to do a test block and I was happy to see how quickly it came together.  The blocks were big – 17″ square so the quilt grew in size quickly.

Test Block

Within our first few days at home we had pieced the whole thing!

Finished Quilt Top

The quilt didn’t quite fit onto my design wall so Boomer assumed that meant it was a doggy bed.  Apparently the bed in every room wasn’t quite enough for my spoiled little man. ha!

Quilt Top Inspection

I taught my mom my favorite methods for basting and we made quick work of it with four hands.  It’s SO NICE to have someone to sew with!


Mom has never free motion quilted such a large quilt but I encouraged her to give it a try and she did a phenomenal job.

Quilting the Quilt

Does it look great!?

Quilting Progress

We finished binding the quilt the last night of her visit and snapped some pictures right before she got on the plane.

Great job on your Sombre Quilt, Mom. I can’t wait to sew with you again.

Finished Quilt

Einstein can’t either! 😉

Einstein loves the camera!

  • Val Hoyer

    Thanks Rachel! I miss you all so much already.

  • I love that the two of you made time to quilt together on your visit. <3 Beautiful quilt and well done, mom! 🙂

  • Val Hoyer

    Thank you @quilting Jetgirl! What Rachel means by ‘together’ is that she did most of the work and led me step by step when I did my little part. I am so happy with it and made sure to carry it in my arms all the way home to the USA. I can never have too many Rachel @quiltineering quilts in my life.

  • Rosemaryflower

    Rachel, I love this quilt you two made. How wonderful that you can spend some time with your mom. Any time spent with our parents gets more and more precious. Mine are 93 and I moved them to Virginia. They are like children now lol no really. Every day is an adventure but they are not demented or anything, just slow, and sometimes ooops, missed that. I love them

    • Rachel Dreher

      hahaha! It really was a marvelous time! We don’t see each other enough so this trip was particularly special.

  • Krista

    Beautiful quilt and memorable time with your mom! I love the colors. Wow, I didn’t realize you and your mom had been apart for so long! Glad you finally got to see each other.

    • Rachel Dreher

      You know all about how difficult military life can be on spending time with family. I’m glad she got to experience Japanese culture and visit us too!

  • It’s a beautiful quilt! And how wonderful that you could make it with your mom and she could visit. Great memories sewn into that quilt!

    • Rachel Dreher

      Thank you so much! Making a quilt was one of the first things we planned for her trip. I’m sure you’re not too surprised 😉

  • Goodness! You kept mum working hard at the sewing machine on her Japanese holiday. 🙂

  • Mike Dreher


    • Rachel Dreher

      Thanks 🙂

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