Mani Pedi Pouch

Who doesn’t love a good mani pedi!? I bookmarked Noodlehead’s free snappy manicure wallet months ago and decided it was the perfect Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.

Cute little wallet on the inside…

Manicure Wallet

…perfect little pockets on the inside.

Manicure Wallet

I even tackled a few new skills.  The zipper and elastic were pretty simple but the snaps were a little more challenging.  It took me a few tries to get it right, put it came together in the end!

There are four little sections for nail polish all lined up in a row.

Manicure Wallet

The zippered pocket holds all the other little goodies for manicures.

Manicure WalletI hope she enjoys her gift!

  • Krista

    That’s adorable and so functional looking! Great for a travel bag. I love the fabrics -for my next quilt for me (which probably won’t be for a while) I want to do all navy-teal fabrics.

  • What a sweet gift for your SIL. I hope she loves it, too!

  • What a cute gift. You did a great job on the details. Come to think of it I don’t know that I’ve worked with snaps before. I usually gravitate to the magnetic closures cause I don’t need extra tools for them!

  • I use one of those free-with-purchase make-up bags, and it is nowhere near as cute. Mind you, I am usually too lazy to paint my nails!

  • What a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • So cute, and the fabrics work together so well. She is bound to love it.