I’m still plugging away on my collection of Moda’s Frivols.  This is Frivol 4: Lakeland with fabric from the Windermere collection.  I don’t usually choose to quilt with soft colors but I really love this fabric.
Frivol 4: Lakeland

Hopefully, all of these sweet geese will make someone very happy, because I have a recipient in mind! Several of my friends are pregnant and I just love making baby quilts.  Yay for more reasons to quilt!

Frivol 4: Lakeland

I used a soft white print from the collection and quilted it will a medium size stipple.

Frivol 4: Lakeland

The pattern called for an extra border of flying geese but I decided to leave it out.  I didn’t think the quilt needed to be any bigger and its current size meant I didn’t need to piece my backing. Win-win!

DSC_0603 (1)

Of course, life in Japan keeps me on my toes.  I started teaching English at a local preschool a few times a month.  The kids are so precious and I adore our sessions together.  Last week, I taught them how to make Valentine’s day cards.  Kawaii! (“Cute!” in Japanese)

Hachinohe Nursery School 4

  • Val Hoyer

    I love the center vertical column. It looks like an airport runway for the geese to fly into the sky!

  • Erica Anderson

    Very pretty! I’m now appropriately impressed that all your points line up ;). I’m also impressed at the lack of snow in the photos. Not the Japanese February I would expect.

  • Rosemaryflower

    I love this one Rachel/ I love the colors and it just looks so classy
    Have fun with those little kiddies

  • I am a big fan of baby quilts that fit into one width of backing too.
    Did the super-cute pre-schoolers teach you about Japan’s White Day?

  • What a great finish, soft but beautiful. Have fun with those adorable students, they look like they had a lot of fun with the cards.