Kindred – WIP

I’ve been trying to work through my WIP pile.  Then my first Frivol box arrived with the Kindred Quilt fabric and I got a bit distracted…

It never hurts to start a new project, right?

Kindred Blocks


Aren’t the fabrics fabulous!? I have most of the blocks done and then I’ll stitch this quilt up.  That counts as finishing up my WIPs, I think!?


  • The fabrics are so cheerful. Using the white inside really makes the print in the fabrics pop. Look forward to seeing more and, of course, the finish.

  • fancyfootfarm

    Love those fabrics! Not starting this would be like looking at a new toy and not getting to play with it. Looking forward to seeing all the blocks sewn together.

  • Krista Foley

    Those look great, love the fabrics. How big are the blocks? Was this an easy pattern? It might be nice as a quilted pillow pattern, just curious how it was for you. Can’t wait to see them all sewn together.

  • You’re working fast on this one! 🙂

  • Really looking forward tohearing what you think of the frivols – they are so pretty and enticing!

  • I have my frivol box sitting staring at me waiting to be used but I promised myself I could not get distracted and start a new project until I had finished 2 others. Problem is: I’m really digging that pattern. Looks lovely Rachel.