Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Remember my genius idea for using up the leftover triangles from my table mat?  It’s finished and I really love it.   P.S. I hope its okay to call myself a genius, at least for this instance!

I used my walking foot to add some straight line quilting definition around the shapes.  Doesn’t it just scream “modern?”

Diamonds are Forever

After a prompting on instagram, my friend, Eliza, was kind enough to come up with a name for this mini quilt:  “Diamonds are Forever.”  Isn’t that just the perfect name?!  Thanks, Eliza!!

This one is going to my Mom, but since I liked it so much, I wanted to make one for myself.  So I pulled out my baggie of leftover triangles cut off from the gazillion flying geese units from my sister’s swoon quilt. I chain pieced these bad boys into one very very long string of HSTs.

Diamonds are Forever

Seriously…so many.

Diamonds are Forever

I got them all pressed and trimmed up, finishing 2.5″ unfinished, compared to the 4.5″ in my previous mini. Since it was significantly smaller, I added one extra ring around the diamond shape.  I didn’t even end up using all the HSTs!

Diamonds are Forever

Since I like experiments (duh, engineer), and don’t really like sewing the same thing twice, I decided to change-up the quilting.  I used a micro-stipple in between the diamonds rather than the walking foot lines.  It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the unquilted diamonds pop up against the dense quilting in the background areas.

I’m a bit disappointed that the seams seem to be showing up yellow through the front of the quilt.  I used Kona snow (a favorite of mine), and I’ve never seen that happen before. It was leftover from when I made the quilt a few months ago so it’s not that old. Thoughts??

Diamonds are Forever

I finished up the quilting and bound the mini using a thin 2″ double fold binding.  I tend to like the look of thinner bindings on minis.  I might try single-fold binding next time.

Diamonds are Forever

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you know I asked my followers which was their favorite:  The bigger quilt with straight line quilting or the smaller with the dense stipple.  There was a clear favorite!  You all overwhelmingly voted for the straight line quilted piece for its modern feel.  If you haven’t chimed in yet, let me know which is your favorite!

  • I have never seen Kona Snow do that either. It looks like you pressed your seams to one side; maybe it looks yellower or darker because there are 3 layers of fabric in those areas? I do not notice it when I look at the composition as a whole from the full photograph, though! I do like the first quilt that you made for your mom with its brighter colors and modern feel, but both are lovely. 🙂

  • I like the straight line quilting, but the colors on the second one are prettier.

  • I think they are both great! Not sure I can pic a favorite! I love the straight line quilting but the dense stipple really makes the diamonds pop. . . And both color ways are wonderful! Am I wishy washy or what?? haha

    I have never seen fabric do that either. . . Yvonne has a point, it could be that. . . I also do not see it when looking at the piece in the full photograph.

  • I love your design. The straight line quilting accents it better.

  • Love all the straight line quilting in the first one … I think pebble might look good too 🙂

  • So, is the second one ‘diamond are a girl’s best friend’? I cannot choose a favourite.

  • Both are pretty but I might prefer the straigh line quilting.

  • I think I like the one with straight-line quilting best as well, though I can’t quite decide if it is the quilting. I think I like it so much because of the brighter colors. They are both beautiful. Great idea for the left-over HST!

  • Such gorgeous quilts! I like the straight line quilting but the stipple one is nice too. You do such nice work.

  • I really like both! I like the second one because it’s bigger without being “in your face” like the first one but then diamonds are supposed to be big and in your face, right? 😀 and I like the first one because of its rich colours!!

  • I am at war with Kona Snow! I’ve had it accidentally mixed in with Kona White which really stands out in certain light. And I’ve also had this yellowing issue, possibly due to the iron even though it’s not an iron stain and I use a spray bottle. Kona Bleached White is actually softer and more off-white than Snow, although I’ve switched to White for all my bee blocks. Enough rant. I love both of your minis, and I guess I agree about the straight line quilting on the top one. 🙂

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  • I love the colors in the new one ~ but love the straight line quilting in the first one! They’re both gorgeous!!

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