Crazy Squares Table Runner – Finished!

Crazy Squares Table Runner – Finished!

I shared my first 2015 project with you a few weeks ago, the Crazy Squares Table Runner, and now I’ve finally finished it!

Talk about crazy  – bright colors, intense paper piecing and variegated threads.

Crazy Squares Table Runner

The pattern was a bit vague about how to align the blocks, but I decided to put them together in blocks of four, alternating the solid and stripe center fabrics. Why not add a little order to the intensity?
Crazy Squares Table RunnerFor small projects, I like to baste using my regular straight pins and pinmoors.  They’re much more efficient and don’t make my fingers hurt like safety pins sometimes do.
Crazy Squares Table Runner

On my search for a quilting thread, I found a variegated thread at Jo-Anns that I thought looked fabulous with the fabric.  The colors worked but I had a lot of problems with threads pulling and breaking.  So much frustration!

Lesson learned:  Stick to Aurifil.  NO exceptions!
Crazy Squares Table Runner

I was able to get it finished and photographed last week, just days before movers came to pack us up for our move to Japan. I can’t wait to put it out in our new home!

Crazy Squares Table RunnerI hope you’re all having a fabulous week – love you all!

  • Wild and cheerful! Love it! I like the way you arranged the blocks, great job!

  • I really like the variegated thread you’ve used – suits it perfectly.

  • Liz

    Your arrangement works really well. I think a little order for the chaos is exactly what this project ordered! beautiful job, and good luck with the move!

  • I really like the arrangement you chose and it will be fun to see it moved into your home in Japan. Safe travels!

  • It turned out fantastic! 🙂 I admire your dedication!!! And we’ll be praying for an “easy” move (as easy as moving to Japan can be obviously).

  • This is going to look so great in your home in Japan!! I agree with your revelation, too… Stick to Aurifil! I used some random hand me down thread on a project a couple months ago since the color matched perfectly, and between fuzz accumulation and thread breakage, I was ready to chuck it all out the window!! Gorgeous finish, and good luck with your move!!

  • So fun and wild! Great job. Good luck on your move.

  • Wow! This is sure to brighten any home… No matter where you live. Best wishes.

  • What a cheerful new runner! This is going to look fabulous in your new home. Best wishes for a smooth move! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • This has turned out amazing! I love the vibrant colours.
    I too use my flat-head pins for sandwiching small projects. They sit just right. I like to live on the wild side – I don’t use stoppers! I have only made myself bleed once or twice. 🙂

  • Sharon

    Where did your husband get the paper piecing pattern paper from? I want to make the table runner too. I don’t need fabric as I have plenty of stripes and shot fabrics too, just the pattern.
    Thank you….

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