You know, I thought subscribing to this year’s Moda Frivols and doing one baby-size quilt a month would be an easy thing to keep up with. Boy, was I wrong.  Balancing life and all its many activities has cut into my sewing time.  I’ve particularly been consumed with learning the Japanese language.  We just hit our one year mark in Japan which has motivated me to keep practicing!

Of course, I sneak in some quilting time when I get a chance.  This week, I finished up Ateleier, the 5th Frivol box. It’s actually the December quilt so I’m running a bit behind!  I just need a few more snowy sewing days to catch up.

Frivol 5: Atelier

Speaking of snowing, I caught a few snowflakes while I was taking these photos.  Isn’t the lightly falling snow beautiful?

Frivol 5: Atelier

I’m undecided about what to do with this project, but I think it will be a fun one to pull out for patriotic occasions. I’m not sure its “cute” enough to gift as a baby quilt – what do you think?!

Frivol 5: Atelier

I hope you’re all having a lovely week.  Stay warm!

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  • Hi Rachel – Yes, I think you could give it as a baby gift. It’s generic and so pretty. It could go to a boy or a girl. I have made baby quilts that weren’t very juvenile in style. In a few cases, the mom’s chose a pattern that was in that genre. One the front I personalized it and embroidered in the baby’s name or initials and the date of birth. You did a lovely job and a little one will enjoy snuggling and having wonderful dreams under that quilt. And when she or he is too big and old to use it, it will always bring back fond memories.

  • Krista

    That’s great that you have so much to do and learn over there in Japan! Wow, it’s been one year already! Kudos to you for learning the language, I know it’s a difficult one.

  • You’re doing much better than me with the Frivols. I joined it, too, but I have only completed one quilt top so far. I have too many projects going. I love the tins and will do the projects, I’m sure, someday when I get a chance. I checked your gallery – yours all turned out very nice!

  • One baby quilt each month is a big task you set yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall a little behind. Enjoy the process.
    Yes, it is lovely. Not every baby quilt has to be covered in ducks and bunnies, right? 🙂
    This week, while you learn more and more Japanese, I feel like I am forgetting all of mine. Maybe it is because I have a Japanese exchange student arriving in a fortnight and I am getting nervous.