Hello, I’m Rachel. Welcome to my quilting blog! I’m a recent college grad having earned both my B.S. and M.S. in Bioengineering. My husband’s career in the Air Force has moved us to many different locations in the past three years.  We’re currently stationed in Misawa, Japan and we’re loving it here!

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I’m working part-time teaching online but the majority of my free time is spent quilting.  My blog,  “Quiltineering,” reflects both my engineering background and my love for all things quilty.  At least for the time being, I’m putting aside my title of “Bioengineer” for “Quiltineer.” I hope you enjoy reading about what I’m working on and what I’m learning as I go. I also hope that I hear from YOU about what projects you are working on and that we can use our shared experiences to make beautiful quilts!

  • Love all your quilts displayed with you! What a great website. I need to get back into my quilting!

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  • Anita

    Do you have Japanese heritage? I am blonde & blue eyed but I always wanted to look Asian! I love your quilts! I pray for peace and prosperity for you and your husband. Thank you for blogging! Anita